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What areas can be treated with Desobody Fat Dissolving Injections?

DesoBody is for use with areas of fat that remain even when a patient is at a healthy weight. Typical areas include inner thighs, inner knees, double chins, back and bra rolls, flanks, abdomen and saddlebags.

How do they Work?

Fat-dissolving injections work by destroying fat cells in targeted areas. Also known as lipolytic injections, they damage the fat cell membranes which in turn liquefies the fat present in the body. These fat cells, once destroyed, are then broken down and naturally removed via the lymphatic system within the body.

Fat Dissolving Injection Benefits

Boost in Confidence

For many individuals, achieving a more sculpted and toned appearance can lead to increased self-confidence and improved body image.

No General anaesthesia

Since DesoBody injections are performed in an outpatient setting and do not require general anaesthesia, they can be a safer option for individuals who may not be suitable candidates for surgery due to health reasons.

Minimally Invasive

DesoBody injections are minimally invasive compared to surgical procedures like liposuction. They involve injections rather than incisions, which can result in less downtime and a lower risk of complications.

Localised Fat Reduction

DesoBody injections target specific areas of the body where excess fat accumulates, such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, or arms. This allows for precise contouring and shaping of the body.

Natural Results

The fat reduction achieved with DesoBody injections tends to produce more natural-looking results compared to surgical procedures. This is because the fat is gradually metabolized and eliminated by the body over time.

Minimal Downtime

While some swelling, redness, or bruising at the injection site may occur, downtime is typically minimal compared to surgical procedures. Most individuals can resume their normal activities shortly after treatment.

Fat Dissolving Injection FAQ’s

How many treatments will I need?

Typically an average of two to four vials of DesoBody injections are required per treated area, per session. This number will, of course, vary depending on the individual size and type of the area being treated, and the best course for your particular needs will be discussed at a consultation.

Desobody is usually administered over a series of at least three to four sessions, with six-week intervals being the typical gap between each visit. Again, this number will depend on how much fat needs to be treated in a specific area, and the actual number will be discussed at a consultation.

What does desobody fat dissolving injections feel like?

Discomfort and sensitivity are an inevitable part of any cosmetic treatment, but the good news is that symptoms should only be mild to moderate, and easily tolerated. The treatment is minimally invasive and a local anaesthetic is included in the injectable and will be administered to lessen the impact of any pain felt during the procedure.

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What happens after treatment?

Initially, the treated area when shows signs of redness, tenderness, sensitivity and localised swelling following treatment. The treated area can feel a little weird for a while but this is a perfectly normal part of the process, and you are free to carry on with any normal day to day physical activities and your normal routine.

How long until my skin returns to normal?

The redness and swelling that appear following the injection typically will disappear three or four days after treatment.  You may then find that minor bruising and a localised tenderness around the treated area will persist up to 14 days after the treatment.

For Fat Dissolving Injection Treatment please call our clinic in Newcastle on 0333 444 1399

What Results can i Expect from Fat Dissolving Injections?

Typically after two to three weeks, you will start to see the positive effects of your treatment.  Due to the nature of the injection, the solution requires time to take effect, gradually reducing the fat in the affected areas. Each patient’s time frames will differ, but this general guideline will normally apply. Please note that a continued course of treatments is required for optimal results.

Overall, patient satisfaction with fat-dissolving injections has typically been very good, although as with any form of cosmetic surgery the success of the procedure can often be perceived differently by practitioner and patient.  There are two main reasons for this: Firstly, patients tend to forget or misremember the original condition of the treated area and so are liable to underestimate the efficacy of the procedure. Secondly, practitioners naturally have access to other metrics by which to consider the result, including measurements, photographs and on some occasions ultrasound results. These metrics, coupled with the benefit of being an impartial observer can lead to these discrepancies, and so it is important that both patient and practitioner manage expectations throughout the consultation and beyond.

A thorough study of the effects and satisfaction with the experience of using lipolysis treatments highlighted which areas patients found the treatment had been most successful. These areas were double chins, buffalo humps, and hips. Conversely, the arms and inner thighs were shown to respond less well to the treatment.

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About The Fat Dissolving Injection (Desobody)

Desobody Newcastle

Since the 1980s non-surgical fat reduction via injectable methods has been the subject of vast amounts of research. Initially, these methods were enthusiastically received by the medical community but in the following years, popularity waned as unwanted side effects and a lack of controlled studies affected confidence in the method. In recent years new formulations, usually based on deoxycholic acid have led to an upswing in demand. Desobody/Desoface, one such method used for the reduction of submental fat was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration which was something of a breakthrough for the technique.


Yes, as DesoBody is a more recent development it uses cutting edge technology in the form of sodium deoxycholate, an FDA approved active ingredient. This formula is a medical detergent that breaks down fat cells in a manner which has been proven to be safer and with greater efficacy than previous solutions.  On top of that, it is also a more comfortable and less intrusive process for the patient than older fat-dissolving solutions, with fewer injections required over fewer sites.

The initial method used to administer fat-dissolving injections, as previously discussed, was mesotherapy, and this method is still used to this day. This process consists of multiple subdermal injections of small amounts of substance (Initially these injections were also intradermally but now will always be subdermal).

More recently the preferred method of administering the SDC, particularly desobody/desoface, has been through a technique called intralipotherapy.  Whereas mesotherapy required multiple injection sites to be used this new technique instead only requires two or three such sites. Intralipotherapy also allows the adipocytic agent to be released directly into the fatty tissue homogenously, and also at different levels. This, in turn, reduces the formation of nodules or irregularities on the skin.

First, the patient will be photographed in a standing position with marks drawn and measured so that the treatment is properly documented from start to finish. Next, a needle between 70 and 100mm long is inserted beneath the skin and using a retrograde fan technique this is then used to treat the entirety of the tissue’s surface. The procedure is almost entirely pain-free, although a small dose of 2% lidocaine is recommended to reduce any slight discomfort that may be felt.

Several sessions are required to complete the procedure, typically three, with three or four weeks between each session. This gap between each treatment is crucial in allowing the body’s normal inflammatory response to trigger and subside before more substance is applied.

Desobody Injections for Men And Women Newcastle

What are the fat dissolving agents used?

Sodium deoxycholate

Sodium deoxycholate (SDC) is a type of secondary bile acid whose role in bile is to emulsify fat and ease digestion. SDC also behaves as detergent which means it disrupts the cellular membrane. This process causes the cell membrane to collapse into mixed micelles of phospholipids and detergent molecules. The specific nature of this detergent activity has been hard to track which has in some cases, when used as an aqueous solution through mesotherapy, has resulted in a number of cases of skin necrosis.

Following further study it was determined that mature adipocytes proved to be more resistant to detergent-induced cellular lysis than other cell types which in turn led to a number of safety concerns regarding the use of this type of substance in the fat compartment. Research also discovered that SDC is more effective when a lower protein content is found in the cell, which is the case with adipocytes as they have less than 5% protein content.


Phosphatidylcholine is the main phospholipid present in the human body accounting for 40-50% of the cell membrane. PC is integral to the make-up of cell membranes as it provides the main structural support to the cell.  It is also a natural emulsifier due to its lipophilic and hydrophilic properties.

Do's and Don'ts following treatment?

The treatment is a simple and quick procedure and thankfully will have very little impact on your day-to-day activities. As with any cosmetic surgery, however, there are a few things you need to be mindful of immediately after surgery:

Patients should avoid hot baths or hot showers on the day they receive the treatment.
Following the treatment, a compression garment (i.e. spanks) is required to be worn on the treated area for up to 72 hours.
Using active creams and exfoliants on the treated area should be avoided for at least one week following treatment. You should also avoid using self-tan for at least a week.

Finally, as with any cosmetic surgery, you should be mindful of only using home care products recommended and approved by your doctor or therapist for the entire duration of the healing period following treatment

Uses, Side-Effects, And Contraindications

Fat-dissolving injections are not a weight-loss treatment and a patient should be fully aware of this before considering treatment.   Instead, this form of intervention is used to reduce and in some cases eliminate localised fat deposits within the body.  These areas often manifest as areas of the skin that remain fatty despite the patient being of normal weight, regularly exercising and maintaining a balanced, healthy diet.  The beauty of fat-dissolving injections is that they can be used almost anywhere on the body, with common areas being back rolls, double chins and saddle bags. It can also be used as a follow-up treatment after undergoing liposuction or similar fat-reducing procedures to remove any lumps of adipose tissue created by the initial procedure.

Fat-dissolving injections can also be used to treat lipomas without scarring occurring, particularly in cases of multiple lipomatosis. It should be noted, however, that whilst these treatments are successful they can not guarantee against the recurrence of the condition.

Contraindications for these treatments are broadly similar to all forms of cosmetic treatments i.e. pregnancy, lactation, autoimmune diseases etc.  The thickness of the skin is also an important factor to consider, with patients with less than 1.5cm of thickness being unsuitable due to the increased risks of side effects.  It also bears repeating that obesity is, alone, not an appropriate reason for a course of treatment to begin. Instead, such patients would need to also commit to a healthy diet and regular exercise to deal with weight loss. This is not to say that the treatment should be outright ignored and in fact when combined with other forms of weight loss can work to speed up the process of losing weight and act as a great motivator.

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How much do fat dissolving injections cost?

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