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Are you looking for a PDO Fox Eye Thread lift Treatment in Newcastle? Dr Matla is a Newcastle-based GP, practising both Aesthetics and General practice. He has over 20 years of experience in medicine and is regulated by the CQC. You can be assured you will be in very safe hands and can read more about Dr Matla here. Read the glowing reviews left about his work or view his before and after images here.

Dr Matla is an expert in PDO thread lifts and offers the Fox eye thread lift procedure to get the desirable fox eye appearance. If you have hooded eyes or heavy eyebrows and are seeking a non-surgical brow lift to enlarge the eye area, the Fox eye thread lift could be the solution. At the Dr Matla Clinic, we elevate eyebrows, and hooded eyelids, and provide the fox eye appearance without the necessity for “Fox eye surgery” or a surgical brow lift.

What is Fox Eye Thread lift Treatment?

PDO Fox Eye Thread Lift is a non-surgical brow lift that uses PDO threads in the brow area to alter the shape of the brow. It is often known as fox brows or the fox eye thread lift. The Fox Eye Thread Lift gives a wide-eyed, raised fox eye appearance. We lift the brow in order to raise hooded eyelids and heavy brows, which are commonly the result of ageing. We also remedy asymmetry, a thread is inserted into one brow to raise it and achieve symmetry with the other. The threads spontaneously disintegrate in your skin over time, just as any other dissolvable suture would.

Fox Eye Thread Lift MINT PDO Newcastle
Fox Eye Thread Lift Newcastle

The thread utilised by Dr. Matla for the Fox Eye Lift / Fox Eye Thread Lift is a MINT PDO Thread, which provides the longest-lasting results for the eyebrow thread lift compared to other threads used for the fox eyes look. Each thread is a stitch that dissolves and contains microscopic cones. These cones allow the thread to attach to the deep tissue of the face to elevate it, and they also stimulate collagen production.

Fox Eye Thread Lift Procedure

The fox eye thread lift can be a good solution for other eye issues, including asymmetry, and hooded lids. For instance, only one brow can be elevated to rectify asymmetry and to create a more open rejuvenated eye area by lifting hooded eyelids that develop with age.

The Fox eye thread lift procedure time is around 45-60 minutes depending on the treatment region and is usually conducted with a local anaesthetic. Swelling and bruising that lasts 2-3 days are the most common side effects, after which patients can resume regular activities.


Every treatment starts with a 1:1 consultation with a friendly and fully qualified doctor to determine the best treatment plan for your concern.

Your safety is our priority, we ensure your safety at all times. We offer a wide range of aesthetic services including PDO Thread LiftsAnti Wrinkle Injections, Lip Fillers, Dermal FillersPRP Facials, PRP for Hair Loss, Microneedling, Profhilo PRP Shot for Men , Non-surgical facelifts and Skincare.

We pride ourselves on treating our patients with high-quality products and technology, safely and effectively.

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What is involved in the Fox Eye Thread Lift?

PDO thread lift is a revolutionary new therapy in the world of cosmetics, PDO threads have been successfully used for decades for a number of uses, including treating gynaecological issues and suturing incisions following medical procedures. When utilising it as an aesthetic therapy, there are a few factors to bear in mind.

A thread, which is a dissolvable stitch with little cones, is placed under the skin, after which it is tightened and the thread’s cones hook under the skin to raise the area. You remain awake throughout the procedure, which lasts no longer than twenty minutes. As you are injected with local anaesthetic prior to the treatment, it is painless. Results are instantaneous, whereas recovery takes many days.

For starters, it lifts the skin immediately. Second, it constricts fat tissue, tightening the skin immediately. Third, it promotes collagen synthesis and neovascularization, allowing your skin to regenerate at a cellular level. All of this helps to improve skin texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and make skin more elastic.

A Fox eye thread lift works in two ways:

1. The Eyebrow thread lift elevates the skin, giving the face an immediately raised appearance – functioning as a non-surgical brow lift.

2. In the following months, the little cones on the threads (which are anchored deep inside the skin) encourage the body’s collagen production, resulting in a fully natural-looking lift.

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Why choose MINT™ PDO Threads for your Fox eye thread lift?

Mint is the premier PDO thread brand available. PDO threads are excellent for lifting, tightening sagging skin, and giving the appearance of rejuvenation. When MINT threads are used to lift the brow, the middle or lower face (jowls), the neck, or the arms, they reposition and revitalise the general skin tissue, resulting in a natural lift and tightness. They improve skin elasticity, texture, fine wrinkles, and volume for enduring rejuvenation by manually lifting the tissue to stitch it into a raised position and by stimulating your own natural collagen synthesis.

This non-invasive, non-surgical procedure encourages the body’s natural collagen and elastin production beneath the skin’s surface. The PDO Thread Lift is an excellent non-surgical alternative to a surgical facelift for tightening sagging skin and adding definition to the face because it has no recovery period and causes no discomfort. Using a cannula or needle, PDO threads are placed under your skin. When the thread reaches its endpoint, it is released and the cannula is removed. To achieve the desired lift, the procedure may be repeated by the practitioner several times, resulting in the insertion of one to fifteen threads. To avoid any dimpling, the threads will then be gently massaged to smooth them out.

What Is PDO Thread Lift?

PDO thread lift is a revolutionary new therapy in the world of cosmetics, PDO threads have been successfully used for decades for a number of uses, including treating gynaecological issues and suturing incisions following medical procedures. When utilising it as an aesthetic therapy, there are a few factors to bear in mind.

For starters, it lifts the skin immediately. Second, it constricts fat tissue, tightening the skin immediately. Third, it promotes collagen synthesis and neovascularization, allowing your skin to regenerate at a cellular level. All of this helps to improve skin texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and make skin more elastic.

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What can PDO threads help me with?

A PDO thread lift treatment can help tighten sagging skin on the face, neck, and body while improving skin quality (smoothing and rejuvenating) (arms, abdomen and buttocks). Monos, cogs, and combinations of threads will be used depending on our goals.
Mono threads are generally recommended for younger patients who are not yet sagging and wish to retain their skin quality. Mono threads can also be used to tighten the skin in certain places or to prepare the skin for cog threads in older patients.
Cog threads are generally appropriate for patients in their 30s and up who have symptoms of drooping skin, such as jowls.

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MINT™ PDO is a polydioxanone (PDO) barbed suture that can be used to approximate soft tissue. PDO is a safe raw material that has been used in orthopaedic and cardiovascular surgery for wound closure and has a ten-year safety track record. PDO creates minimal tissue reactivity and tissue harm because it is a safe raw material that is totally absorbed by the body through hydrolysis.

Not only that, but MINT™ is the first and only PDO suture on the market to have earned two FDA clearances and is supported by more than 6 years of clinical trials for its efficacy and safety.

What happens before and during the treatment?

Before we begin, a topical numbing agent and a local anaesthetic will be applied to the treatment site. The needle used in this treatment is so small that it will not cause you any discomfort. We do, however, administer anaesthesia to ensure your comfort during the procedure. Once the anaesthesia has worn off, your treatment will begin. PDO threads are introduced via cannulas or blunt-tipped sharp-tipped needles. After being implanted into the appropriate layer of skin, they act as anchors as the skin is raised upwards. The extraneous threads are then snipped.

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Is my treatment going to take a long time?

The duration of your treatment varies depending on the area being treated. Typically, we allocate approximately 30 minutes for skin cleansing, preparation, and the application of numbing medication before the procedure commences. The actual therapy typically lasts between 15 to 30 minutes to complete.

Can PDO threads be used in conjunction with other treatments?

Certainly! By incorporating PDO threads alongside PRP and additional cosmetic enhancements like anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers, the outcomes can truly be transformative and exceptional. This synergistic approach allows for comprehensive rejuvenation, addressing various concerns and achieving stunning aesthetic improvements.

What is the longevity of the threads?

Concerning the durability of PDO threads, their longevity is contingent upon various factors, including the thread’s thickness, quality, and the individual’s metabolic rate. While these threads typically dissolve within a span of six to nine months, it’s essential to recognise that each patient’s experience may vary. Our clients commonly observe this timeline, yet individual outcomes can differ based on unique physiological factors. Rest assured, our team ensures the use of premium quality threads to optimise results and longevity.

When can I expect to get the results?

The transformative effects of our treatments become apparent at varying intervals. Immediate outcomes, such as skin lifting and initial contouring, are often observable right after your session. However, it’s essential to note that your skin’s appearance immediately post-treatment may differ slightly from its appearance in the following days.

Throughout one to two months following your PDO thread lift, you’ll experience the full spectrum of benefits. It’s crucial to acknowledge that individual timelines may fluctuate based on factors such as age. Age significantly influences the pace at which your body generates fresh, resilient collagen—a pivotal protein responsible for enhancing skin elasticity, smoothing wrinkles, and diminishing fine lines.

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How many sessions will I require?

Our treatments often yield satisfying results after just one session, delighting the majority of our clients. Following your initial treatment, we recommend a follow-up visit six to nine months later to assess the need for any additional sessions. Typically, this interval allows for a thorough evaluation of your progress and ensures that any further enhancements align with your aesthetic goals. Subsequently, many individuals find that they can enjoy the benefits of their treatment for up to three years before considering further maintenance sessions.

Surgical vs non-surgical PDO thread facelift?

A non-surgical thread lift should not be seen as a replacement for surgery as the results are less dramatic, and the procedures do need to be repeated. However, a non-surgical thread lift is quick, relatively pain-free, has minimal downtime, and no overnight hospital stay. There’s no scarring, and the risk is minimal compared to surgery. It’s also great for clients who have respiratory or heart diseases and cannot tolerate anaesthesia. It is a temporary procedure, it’s a great option if you want to try a new look.

 For a non-surgical thread lift, a consultation with a trained medical professional is vital in creating your bespoke treatment plan. With Dr Matla’s wealth of experience and ability to create a unique course of high-quality treatments for each patient, you’re only a consultation away from reaching your personal aesthetic goals.

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What aftercare is required?

The majority of people are able to resume normal activities with immediate improvement in their appearance. Some people will experience redness, pinprick marks, and swelling, as well as puckering at the suture site and indentations at the insertion and exit points. The immediate side effects should subside within two weeks.

It is possible that the sutures will be tender for up to a week after the procedure. You can take some simple paracetamol to help with this if necessary, but most patients skip this step. Although you should not be able to see the stitches or anchoring cones beneath your skin, you may feel them when applying skincare or make-up.

The patient will be advised :

  • Sleep on your back for 5 nights.
  • Make-up should not be worn for 24 hours.
  • No facials or facial massage for 14 days.
  • No extreme facial expressions for 2 weeks.
  • Application of anti-biotic cream as advised.
  • To attend a review appointment as advised.
  • For 14 days after treatment, avoid alcohol, strenuous exercise, sunbathing, and extremes of heat or cold. These activities have been linked to an increase in swelling and a prolongation of its duration.
  • Swelling may worsen in the first 24 hours, but it should subside within a few days. Cold packs can help to reduce swelling.
  • Bruising may take a few days to appear; arnica can aid in the removal of bruising. It is best to avoid aspirin and alcohol for the first 12 to 48 hours after treatment.
  • As the swelling subsides, the tenderness should subside as well.

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Potential PDO thread lift complications?

Facelift surgeries have a much higher risk of complications than PDO thread lifts. When performed by a trained professional, there is less risk of scarring, severe bruising, or bleeding.
Minor complications occur in 15 to 20% of procedures, but they are typically easily corrected.

Complications that could arise include:
● Discomfort
● Pain
● Minor bruising
● Scarring
● Snapping of threads
● accumulation of blood (hematoma)
● Bleeding
● Hairloss
● Inflammation

Additional Procedures May Be Required: In some cases, a single PDO Lift procedure may not be sufficient to achieve optimal results, and additional procedures may be required. Although maximum results are expected, there can be no express or implied guarantee or warranty on the results that may be obtained. The patient will be instructed and agree to follow all safety precautions and post-treatment instructions, and a written copy will be provided.

Thread lifting is safe, but not entirely risk-free, Dr.Matla will discuss all the risks and benefits with you at consultation and again prior to treatment.

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Do you offer Fox Eye Thread Lift Treatment Near Me?

Due to the excellent reputation we uphold, many customers travel from all over the North East including DurhamGateshead, HexhamJesmond,   MorpethNewcastleNorthumberlandPonteland, Sunderland, TynemouthWashington, and beyond to visit the clinic for Thread Lift Treatment.

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