Our Guide to IV Vitamin Therapy

Looking and feeling run down? Stressed and in need of an energy boost? IV vitamin therapy might be beneficial to you!


Consuming the daily dose of vitamins and minerals we require is rarely at the top of people’s to-do lists and we often miss out on their valuable benefits. Intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy is a safe and successful method of receiving the natural vitamins, minerals, and amino acids we sometimes lack, directly into the bloodstream. The intention is to rehydrate the body whilst correcting any chemical imbalances and by using the IV method, it allows the nutrients to be absorbed at a maximum level into the body. This method also means that we can administer larger doses that may not be tolerated orally. IV Therapy can improve your personal wellbeing greatly and by consulting with a medical professional, you can understand what IV drips may work for you.

It can be used to rid your body of toxins, boost immunity, balance hormones and relieve stress; all whilst making you feel rejuvenated and making your skin healthier! By tailoring a custom ‘cocktail’ of vitamins and minerals, Dr Matla can target a range of concerns you may have and improve them with IV vitamin therapy.

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Having a general understanding of what IV vitamin infusions are available can be helpful. However, booking a 30-minute consultation allows your practitioner to discuss your needs and they can then advise you on what infusions will be most beneficial to you. Every IV drip contains nothing but vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which are all safe and naturally found in the body. The types of IV drips we offer include:

● VITAMIN C – Our vitamin C drip has many benefits including working to boost the immune system, as an antiviral and anti-oxidant.
● FAT BURNER – Our IM Fat Burner Shot consists of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that help speed up metabolism to help burn fat. In combination with regular exercise, this drip can be very effective.
● SKIN BRIGHTENING – Our intravenous skin brightening formula can safely brighten your overall complexion, giving your skin a youthful glow.
● ENERGY BOOSTER – Our NADH IV will give you a serious boost of energy physically and mentally.
● ANTI-AGEING -Procainium Hydrogen Carbonate can help to rewind the clock with its internal anti-aging formula by restoring and balancing the body’s nutrients.
● FASTER METABOLISM – Our Methylcobalamin B12 Shot helps to re-energise and speed up metabolism at a much faster rate than taking an oral supplement.
● HAIR NOURISHMENT – Get stronger, healthier and shinier looking hair with this drip.
● VITAMIN D – Vitamin D is an excellent supplement for energy-boosting in the winter months due to lack of sunlight.
Some other IV drips we offer include health boost plus, animo muscle plus, biotin, advanced energiser, glutathione and b-complex. But don’t worry if that seems overwhelming! A consultation to discuss your goals allows for a personalised treatment plan to be formulated by your doctor. If we feel a treatment isn’t right for you, we’ll recommend something else.

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Once a formulation to suit you has been chosen, your doctor will insert a thin needle into the vein and administer the correct dose and combination of vitamins. The process is very quick and no recovery time is needed.


Many people use IV vitamin therapy to improve skin clarity, cure a hangover and for a quick rehydration after intense sporting events. Some medical conditions that have responded well to IV therapy include: asthma, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, sinus and respiratory tract infections.


The IV formulations contain vitamins, minerals and water that are all found in the body and are perfectly safe for many. However some people aren’t suitable including: pregnant or breast-feeding mothers, a history of anaphylaxis, history of stroke, chronic kidney failure, chronic liver disease, epilepsy, Hyperparathyroidism on antipsychotic drugs or those receiving radiotherapy or chemotherapy (unless approval from oncologist). People taking Digoxin, have a Thiamine allergy or deficiency, iron allergy or Rye syndrome also aren’t suitable.


Our most frequent dosage is a bi-weekly program. But you should tailor your IV Therapy to your lifestyle.


Depending on your nutrition and hydration status, you may see dramatic effects after the first IV.


There are no restrictions for after your IV vitamin therapy. We recommend that you exercise, meditate, eat healthy meals, stay hydrated, and get enough rest daily to maximise the effects of the treatment.

With Dr. Matla’s wealth of experience and ability to create a unique course of high-quality IV vitamin therapy for each patient, you’re only a consultation away from your key to personal wellbeing.

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